I’m Caitlin and I am a writer. On this page, I will speak about myself in the first person whereas on the main page, I spoke about myself in the third person*. I can do this because I am a writer and I know about things like first person and third person points of view. *If you didn’t notice, click back to see what I mean, I’ll wait here for you.

This photo is from the day I went to work in two different colored shoes. It is an adequate representation of me because:

  1. I hate shopping for shoes, so if I find a pair that works, I buy a pair in every color, even colors that are nearly the same. I also do this with pants, shirts and anything I have to put on my body because shopping makes me sweaty.

  2. I often find myself at important meetings in two different colored shoes with a colleague who tells me not to worry and assures me that no one will notice.

  3. I can be counted on to kick off the meeting by telling everyone in that room that I am wearing two different shoes, followed by a story of how and why this happened. (This story usually involves my cat puking on my coat or my dog peeing in my bed).

You see, I must tell stories or the tips of my fingers will swell and my teeth will get itchy. I write because I love words (even the fancy ones (#googlesverisimilitude)). I write because I am alive and so are you and someday we won’t be so let’s do something while we can ok?

To date, my work is forthcoming in/has appeared in Jellyfish Review, McSweeney’s, Gravel, HerStry, Bitchin Kitsch and The Black Fox Literary Magazine. However, check back often, I am fixing to add to that list. I am in the murky middle of revisions for my first book which I am sure will be published by (INSERT IMPRESSIVE PUBLISHER NAME HERE). I look forward to paying off my mortgage when I sell the movie rights.

Thanks so much for coming, liking, following, reading. I love you. I mean it.